Evening of the Stars NOV 23rd!

BOB SOVEN will be attending the Seattle Water Sports, “Evening of the Stars” this Nov 23rd. Liquid Force team rider Bob will be introducing his new line of LF wakeboards and boots, signing posters, and taking pictures with the audience during the event. Make sure to stop in and snap a pic with Bob Soven and his Long, Curly, Red mane!



Wade Cox End Of The Summer Water Ski Clinic September 17-18th!

Water skier Wade Cox has been inducted into the Water Ski Hall of Fame.

Wade Cox is coming back more!!!!

Seattle Water Sports presents:

“Wade Cox End Of The Summer Water Ski Clinic”, on Sept 17-18th at Havvaski Lake (Private Lake near Olympia).

This September Wade has offered us  to have a two day clinic at Lake Havvaski in Olympia, WA. The two-day clinic runs from 9am- 5pm and guarantees a one hour one one lesson with each group of two, as well as additional sets after! Come and get professional instruction, ski behind the 2013 Centurion Carbon Pro, and hang out with other water ski enthusiasts at a private man made lake!

Schedule and cost:

Tuesday Sept 17th: Cost $150 each (max 10 skiers)
• 9am-5pm
o Water skiing with Wade
• Spots will be reserved for groups of two
• First bookings first served
• 5pm
o Lake closed

Wednesday Sept 18th : Cost $150 each (max 10 skiers)
• 9am-5pm:
o Water skiing with Wade
• Spots will be reserved for groups of two
• First bookings first served
• 5pm
o Lake Closed

Come out and bring a friend to meet and ski with legendary Wade Cox, and improve your skiing! If you can’t find a partner give us a call and we can make sure to match you up with a new skiing buddy!

Havvaski Address :6821 128th Ave SW  , Olympia, Washington 98512

Link to directions: http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?

Pre-Labor Day Weekend Sale! Liquid Force Wakeboards and Gear For Outrageous Prices!

liquird force. seattle water sports. labor day sale

This Saturday Seattle Water Sports is teaming up with Liquid Force to provide you top of the line 2013 wakeboard gear, at huge discounted prices! Liquid Force is bringing LF Watson Hybrid wakeboards, B1 boots, and Cardigan comp vests for us sell at “end of the year discounted prices”! We are also cleaning out our inventory, with wakeboards discounted up to 70%, only this Saturday at Seattle Water Sports! Come get geared up for your Labor Day Weekend fun!

Check out these videos to see a better description of the LF product!
B1 http://vimeo.com/50332116#
Watson hybrid http://vimeo.com/50441974
Cardigan comp vest: http://vimeo.com/50106188

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SWS Presents: “The Wade Cox Travel Tour, Water Ski Clinic” on June 24th and 25th


Seattle Water Sports and HO Sports presents:

“The Wade Cox Travel Tour, Water Ski Clinic” on June 23rd and24th, at Maytown Lake (Private Lake near Olympia). Wade Cox and HO Sports are traveling around the nation, and making stops at key accounts to provide professional waterski instruction and offering customers an opportunity to demo HO Sports 2013 water ski line!

Seattle Water Sports is offering a two-day clinic June 23rd and 24th from 9am- 5pm with Wade Cox, plus an optional practice set Sunday June 22nd!

Sunday Practice is open, on a limited basis, to those who would like to come out and practice before Monday and Tuesdays Wade Cox Clinic! Come and get professional instruction, as well as test out HO’s 2013 water skis to get prepared for the summer water ski season!

Schedule and cost:

Sunday June 22nd : Cost $100

  • 9am -5pm
    • Open for first come first serve
    • 5pm
      • Skiing over, Bonfire and optional FREE campsites on site

Monday June 23rd: Cost $150 each (max 10 skiers)

  • 9am-5pm
    • Water skiing with Wade
      • Spots will be reserved for groups of two
      • First bookings first served
      • 5pm
        • Skiing over, Bonfire and optional FREE campsites on site

Tuesday June 24th : Cost $150 each (max 10 skiers)

  • 9am-5pm:
    • Water skiing with Wade
      • Spots will be reserved for groups of two
      • First bookings first served
      • 5pm
        • Lake Closed

Come out and bring a friend to meet and ski with legendary Wade Cox, and improve your skiing!

Contact:  Justin @ 425.481.2754

The New 2013 Strada Has Entered The Building At Seattle Water Sports!

The New 2013 Strada is Finally here, as well as some more new 2013 water skis and wakeboard models! Come in and check out this phenomenal ski and it’s Emergency Bright Orange graphics! radar strada

Selecting a PVC/Carbon construction ski is like eating at a fancy steakhouse. All claim to have the finest PRIME beef. But we all know that’s not guaranteeing you a well-prepared and delicious plate. Our time in the kitchen (Research and Development) and satisfied customers (tournament results) are telling the story for us. There is no other ski capable of what the Strada can do for you. Speed is unmatched and balance is automatic. Skier after skier jump on the Strada and immediately know they have found a new home. Our boutique manufacturing operation at the Radar Lab is unique in the batch size and hand care taken of each ski that’s made. Seasoned veterans with decades of experience in ski craftsmanship walk every Strada through the production line. Each ski delicately prepared for the most extreme of skiers.

New for 2013 is the addition of a torsion enabling offset carbon top laminate. By offset, we mean that the fiber orientation has been changed to give the ski better rebound after torsional flex. In research, we have found this torsional flexing action of the ski to be necessary. It’s not to be limited, but to be controlled in rebound back to static shape. Finding the perfect balance of torsional stability while still allowing the ski to have necessary dynamic action at the finish of the turn and off the second wake has made our legendary shape even greater. Ski earlier in the course and faster off the second wake on the 2013 Strada. Our new top contours have reduced unnecessary weight in the tip, balancing the ski, ready to lead you into battle.
– PVC core construction
– 100% carbon laminates
– First ski designed with GPS cruise control in mind
– Weight reducing, strength reinforcing tip contours
– Handbuilt in the USA at Radar Lake
Recommended Weight

63.5″ 85-120lbs
65″ 110-145lbs
66″ 125- 175lbs
67″ 160-190lbs
68″ 180- 210lbs
69.5″ over 200lbs
For more information, check out http://www.RadarSkis.com

Winter Slalom Skiing at Radar Lake


If you think your extreme and built for the north-west winter weather conditions, try skiing when there is ice on the water! Check out Anna from Kirkland, WA slalom ski at Radar Lake January 13th, 2012, while there is ice in the water!

Mark Lord from Seattle Water Sports help set this up, with his interest to help accomplish water ski enthusiasts goals! Come schedule lessons with Mark this season, and have him help you accomplish your goals on the water!

How to prepare your boat for the winter :Street Wise Tech Talk

Department: service

Subject: Lingering, unasked winterization questions: “prepare your boat for the winter”

Street Wise Tech Talk: Here I am to try to clear up some misconceptions about winterizing your boat. I get the feeling that many boat owners view it as a “drain only” procedure. In actuality, a winterization consists of three very important parts. Only one of which is draining the water out. I have been told repeatedly, “I keep my boat in a heated garage, so it is fine.”

Don’t be this guy!

First off, is your garage actually heated, OR JUST ATTACHED? The fact that we replaced 5 to 8 cracked blocks every spring, leads me to believe that not all garages are heated equally.

Second, what if there is a power failure? Now let us talk about fuel. Ethanol in gasoline may help with pollution, but is not boat engine friendly when it comes to the fuel system. Remember, ethanol is Hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water. The seals and o-rings in the system are not immune to ethanol’s effects. The fuel in the tank and in the whole fuel system itself needs to be stabilized. Unless you live in San Diego, you probably only use your boat 4 months a year. The gas we buy today just does not have that long of a shelf life, where sophisticated fuel delivery systems are used.

The third item is fogging the engine. Your internal engine parts are not going to move for 8 months. Does this mean that you can just start it in the spring and drive away? NO! Fogging the engine lubricates all the internal parts so they can sit for 8 months, or longer. Fogging these new fuel injected systems is not a simple task. You have invested money, as well as a place to store your boat and license it, so why not protect your investment for the long run. Take it to a certified shop for the proper factory winter maintenance, Like Seattle Water Sports!

Tune in next month for the Street Wise Tech Talk subject of that hidden boating item, the Trailer


Direct Drive Vs. V-Drive, From the Voice of the Water

We often times get customers come into Seattle Water Sports, that are confused as to buying a direct drive vs. a V-drive boat.

So lets talk about the differences of the two types of tow boats. The direct drive dates way back to the early days when having the engine in the middle of the boat made the wake smaller/flatter for water skiing because that is what was popular and desired in that era. Or a flat wake with a lot of pull from the V-8 engines and four blade props to get the water skier up fast. The hulls were mostly rather flat at the back and the beams were narrower for a narrow, flat wake that the skier’s loved.

Smaller interior, lighter weight and smaller body, engine located in center of the boat

Smaller interior, lighter weight and smaller body, engine located in center of the boat

Then comes the evolution of  wake boards and surf boards in the 2000’s and up. Now folks wanted to do both by putting a tower and adding fat sacks (water sacks) in the boat, to get a bigger wake for wake boarding and surfing behind the boat. This allowed a boat that still could be a great water ski and wakeboard/surfing boat, but was a lot of work filling sacks and making sure weight was distributed right.


Bigger Interior, heavy and wider body, rear compartment engine

Since wakeboarding and surfing grew in popularity because of its social setting and trend in board sports, and water skiing was becoming less popular; boat manufactures turned their designs to making more of a boarding boat with the engine in the rear of the boat, wider beams, and more deep V hulls. This made a boat with more interior room involving more people in the sports than skiing, but more importantly a boat with a bigger and wider wake to get better pop on a wakeboard and a taller wake for surfing. This also allowed the boats to be more of an all day boat if the lake got rough, because of the bigger interior and ability to have a surf session because of the ballast. These boats all have towers and on board ballast systems to create the ultimate wakeboarding and surfing boat that can be changed for each rider. The only fallback or short coming was that now the V-drive boats did not produce the ultimate water ski wake as they did with the direct drives.

So what boat style should you pick………simple, know the differences and pick the drive type that best suits your groups water sports needs. Come and check out what we have to offer here at Seattle Water Sports!

Selection of Boats At Seattle Water Sports

Selection of Boats At Seattle Water Sports