How Do You Store Your Boat?

How do you protect and store your boat in the off-season? Don’t be one of these guys and do it the wrong way!!!

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Here at Seattle Water Sports we offer year round storage space, that are safely protected from theft and weather conditions. We provide two different options to make sure your boat is taken care of!

Option number one: Out Door Storage $5.50 per foot

Option number two: Indoor Heated Storage $11.00 per foot

In addition save 10% if you pay in full for your term via check!

Spaces are limited and filling up fast! Call us at 425.481.2754 to book a slot!


SWS Presents: “The Wade Cox Travel Tour, Water Ski Clinic” on June 24th and 25th


Seattle Water Sports and HO Sports presents:

“The Wade Cox Travel Tour, Water Ski Clinic” on June 23rd and24th, at Maytown Lake (Private Lake near Olympia). Wade Cox and HO Sports are traveling around the nation, and making stops at key accounts to provide professional waterski instruction and offering customers an opportunity to demo HO Sports 2013 water ski line!

Seattle Water Sports is offering a two-day clinic June 23rd and 24th from 9am- 5pm with Wade Cox, plus an optional practice set Sunday June 22nd!

Sunday Practice is open, on a limited basis, to those who would like to come out and practice before Monday and Tuesdays Wade Cox Clinic! Come and get professional instruction, as well as test out HO’s 2013 water skis to get prepared for the summer water ski season!

Schedule and cost:

Sunday June 22nd : Cost $100

  • 9am -5pm
    • Open for first come first serve
    • 5pm
      • Skiing over, Bonfire and optional FREE campsites on site

Monday June 23rd: Cost $150 each (max 10 skiers)

  • 9am-5pm
    • Water skiing with Wade
      • Spots will be reserved for groups of two
      • First bookings first served
      • 5pm
        • Skiing over, Bonfire and optional FREE campsites on site

Tuesday June 24th : Cost $150 each (max 10 skiers)

  • 9am-5pm:
    • Water skiing with Wade
      • Spots will be reserved for groups of two
      • First bookings first served
      • 5pm
        • Lake Closed

Come out and bring a friend to meet and ski with legendary Wade Cox, and improve your skiing!

Contact:  Justin @ 425.481.2754

Who thought Kneeboards were going out of style?

Check out the legendary Frankie Panno at a photo Shoot with Maxim‘s hottie Justine Davis!

The Shut Down w/ Frankie Panno & Justine Davis from Frankie Panno on Vimeo.

The sport is still standing strong with great Athlete’s like Panno, who push the sport with new trick and help innovate new equipment. Panno has helped HO design “The Agent” which is his brand-new pro model kneeboard for 2013 and we carry it!!!
HO Sports

The New 2013 Strada Has Entered The Building At Seattle Water Sports!

The New 2013 Strada is Finally here, as well as some more new 2013 water skis and wakeboard models! Come in and check out this phenomenal ski and it’s Emergency Bright Orange graphics! radar strada

Selecting a PVC/Carbon construction ski is like eating at a fancy steakhouse. All claim to have the finest PRIME beef. But we all know that’s not guaranteeing you a well-prepared and delicious plate. Our time in the kitchen (Research and Development) and satisfied customers (tournament results) are telling the story for us. There is no other ski capable of what the Strada can do for you. Speed is unmatched and balance is automatic. Skier after skier jump on the Strada and immediately know they have found a new home. Our boutique manufacturing operation at the Radar Lab is unique in the batch size and hand care taken of each ski that’s made. Seasoned veterans with decades of experience in ski craftsmanship walk every Strada through the production line. Each ski delicately prepared for the most extreme of skiers.

New for 2013 is the addition of a torsion enabling offset carbon top laminate. By offset, we mean that the fiber orientation has been changed to give the ski better rebound after torsional flex. In research, we have found this torsional flexing action of the ski to be necessary. It’s not to be limited, but to be controlled in rebound back to static shape. Finding the perfect balance of torsional stability while still allowing the ski to have necessary dynamic action at the finish of the turn and off the second wake has made our legendary shape even greater. Ski earlier in the course and faster off the second wake on the 2013 Strada. Our new top contours have reduced unnecessary weight in the tip, balancing the ski, ready to lead you into battle.
– PVC core construction
– 100% carbon laminates
– First ski designed with GPS cruise control in mind
– Weight reducing, strength reinforcing tip contours
– Handbuilt in the USA at Radar Lake
Recommended Weight

63.5″ 85-120lbs
65″ 110-145lbs
66″ 125- 175lbs
67″ 160-190lbs
68″ 180- 210lbs
69.5″ over 200lbs
For more information, check out

The Tigé Convex VX reshapes the sport of wakesurfing.

Check out what Tigé has done to recreate and enhance the wakesurfing experience!

Extending Your Wave
The Convex VX is a fiberglass extension that extends the legendary Convex V hull. The patented extension flows seamlessly with the style of your boat, as it connects to the swim platform and is easily removable when necessary.

The Power in Propulsion
The center tunnel of the Convex VX effectively channels water from the propulsion system downward under and into the wave. Utilizing the power generated by the prop to increase the size, volume, and density of the Convex VX surf wave.


Less Just Became More
If you have a 20-foot boat but need the power of a 22-foot boats surf wave to land your fresh new trick, all you need is the Convex VX. Our device flaunts push, length and smoothness that requires less work on you and more focus on the fun– We improved so you can improve!


Your Wave. Your Way.
The adjustability is endless as the Convex VX works hand in hand with TAPS2 technology and the Convex V hull. The combination gives you complete control and capability to dial in your perfect surf wave on either side of the boat at any time.


Dimensional by Design
There is no need to detach the Convex VX when you are ready to rock the wakeboard as there is no effect. Once on plane, you’ll still get the great monster wakeboard wake the Convex V is notorious for.


Room to Recover
A primary benefit of the Convex VX is the ability to recover. With the amount of power, push, and the extended length of the wave generated by the Convex VX, you are now able to recover and regain your push further back in the wave than ever before.