Evening of the Stars NOV 23rd!

BOB SOVEN will be attending the Seattle Water Sports, “Evening of the Stars” this Nov 23rd. Liquid Force team rider Bob will be introducing his new line of LF wakeboards and boots, signing posters, and taking pictures with the audience during the event. Make sure to stop in and snap a pic with Bob Soven and his Long, Curly, Red mane!



Danny Harf & The Fox Wakeboard Team DEFY Double Up Session!

Here’s something to get you excited about the wakeboard season being around the corner!

Check out Danny Harf’s new 2013 Ronix set up we have in stock for a killer price! Call us for pricing and information on wakeboards at 425.481.2754 or find us on the web at Seattlerwatersports.com , and we’ll make sure to find a board that fit best for you!
2013 Ronix 0ne Danny Harf edition wakeboard

Ronix 2013 One Modello

The 2013 Ronix One Modello is the fastest pro model Danny Harf has ever built. The 2013 Modello features a new style of rocker for increased glide-speed. What exactly does that mean? To put it plainly… you get to ride longer. The 3-stage rocker line of the 2013 One Modello gives it a great pop off the wake without sacrificing any glide speed.


-New round tail that allows the board to ride higher in the water

-Thin profile reduces swing weight

-Rail blends to a sharper bevel and a vertical sidewall in the tip and tail which creates additional contact with the water. 

-Simple bottom shape – the board lands with more natural forward motion allowing a cleaner design

-Simply put: the fastest pro model Danny Harf has ever ridden


The New 2013 Strada Has Entered The Building At Seattle Water Sports!

The New 2013 Strada is Finally here, as well as some more new 2013 water skis and wakeboard models! Come in and check out this phenomenal ski and it’s Emergency Bright Orange graphics! radar strada

Selecting a PVC/Carbon construction ski is like eating at a fancy steakhouse. All claim to have the finest PRIME beef. But we all know that’s not guaranteeing you a well-prepared and delicious plate. Our time in the kitchen (Research and Development) and satisfied customers (tournament results) are telling the story for us. There is no other ski capable of what the Strada can do for you. Speed is unmatched and balance is automatic. Skier after skier jump on the Strada and immediately know they have found a new home. Our boutique manufacturing operation at the Radar Lab is unique in the batch size and hand care taken of each ski that’s made. Seasoned veterans with decades of experience in ski craftsmanship walk every Strada through the production line. Each ski delicately prepared for the most extreme of skiers.

New for 2013 is the addition of a torsion enabling offset carbon top laminate. By offset, we mean that the fiber orientation has been changed to give the ski better rebound after torsional flex. In research, we have found this torsional flexing action of the ski to be necessary. It’s not to be limited, but to be controlled in rebound back to static shape. Finding the perfect balance of torsional stability while still allowing the ski to have necessary dynamic action at the finish of the turn and off the second wake has made our legendary shape even greater. Ski earlier in the course and faster off the second wake on the 2013 Strada. Our new top contours have reduced unnecessary weight in the tip, balancing the ski, ready to lead you into battle.
– PVC core construction
– 100% carbon laminates
– First ski designed with GPS cruise control in mind
– Weight reducing, strength reinforcing tip contours
– Handbuilt in the USA at Radar Lake
Recommended Weight

63.5″ 85-120lbs
65″ 110-145lbs
66″ 125- 175lbs
67″ 160-190lbs
68″ 180- 210lbs
69.5″ over 200lbs
For more information, check out http://www.RadarSkis.com


seattle boat show, scott stewart, Seattle water sports

seattle boat show

Come and hang out with professional wakeboarder Scott Stewart at the Seattle Boat Show this January 25th- February 3rd. He will be at Seattle Water Sports booth signing autographs and showcasing Hyperlite’s 2013 gear. For Seattle Boat Show hours and information please visit their site.

Scott Stewart back in Cali from Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.

Crispy Bikini

Check out Crispy Bikinis, a West Coast Bikini Company, that designs bikinis to bring out the best and most beautiful parts of a woman, while still making her look and feel confident!



Bikinis are meant to see the world, not to be shoved in a dresser drawer half of the year or just to be worn in the privacy of your own backyard. It’s hard to understand how some people couldn’t care less about whether a bikini fits properly or if it’s beautiful or not. The Ladies of CRISPYBIKINIS feel that every woman should wear swimwear that is unique and bring out the best and most beautiful parts of a woman, while still making her look and feel confident. This is why we started CRISPYBIKINIS.

Think about how much women (and men) just can’t get enough of babes in bikinis. How much we consume our minds with motivation to look good and be healthy when swim season approaches. Or how many memories as children we have of summers spent building castles in the sand and splashing around beach. It is not just about bikinis. It is a way of life!

Santa Clause Wakeboarding and The Grinch Wake skating: James Harrington and Steve Dyer Holiday Sesh!

Santa Clause Wakeboarding and The Grinch Wake skating: James Harrington and Steve Dyer Holiday Sesh!

Check out James Harrington the Grinch, disguised as the Santa wake skating and Steve Dyer as Santa clause wakeboarding! Holiday Fun! Post some of you holiday spirit to this post!


Bob Soven vrs. Shawn White “Ginger Mayhem”

Bob Soven is now on Top with the longest red hair for Professional Board Sport Athletes “Ginger Mayhem”! Shawn White donated his hair to Locks of Love yesterday, to help people in need!!!


“I have been thinking about this for awhile,” White confessed in the video, clearly nervous about losing his long-standing look. “But it’s for a good cause so I’m going to do it.”


The Flying Tomato just got chopped, making him now the “zesty flying salsa”!