Santa Clause Wakeboarding and The Grinch Wake skating: James Harrington and Steve Dyer Holiday Sesh!

Santa Clause Wakeboarding and The Grinch Wake skating: James Harrington and Steve Dyer Holiday Sesh!

Check out James Harrington the Grinch, disguised as the Santa wake skating and Steve Dyer as Santa clause wakeboarding! Holiday Fun! Post some of you holiday spirit to this post!



Seattle Water Sports Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

Name the Face!!!

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Bob Soven vrs. Shawn White “Ginger Mayhem”

Bob Soven is now on Top with the longest red hair for Professional Board Sport Athletes “Ginger Mayhem”! Shawn White donated his hair to Locks of Love yesterday, to help people in need!!!


“I have been thinking about this for awhile,” White confessed in the video, clearly nervous about losing his long-standing look. “But it’s for a good cause so I’m going to do it.”


The Flying Tomato just got chopped, making him now the “zesty flying salsa”!

Chandler Cargiles Post World’s Competition, Bare Foot Set!

Chandler Carglies take a post Bare Foot set after becoming a silver medalist at Worlds. What’s even more amazing to know is that Chandler first learned to barefoot in July, 2010 at age 14!

Chandler Cargile 15yrs old

Chandler Cargile 15yrs old

Vacation Tips And Necessities When Towing A Boat

Boating Vacation Precautions, When Towing a Boat

The forgotten until it breaks: boating necessity

Author: Streetwise Tech Talk

OK, Here’s the scenario, it’s as Eric Clapton says, After Midnight, you’re on I-90, just outside of nowhere,  when, boom, flat tire on the boat trailer. No problem, you bought the optional spare tire kit with the trailer. Now here’s what follows, do you have a lug wrench sized for the trailers tire lugs? If not, does the one for your tow vehicle fit? Maybe, maybe not. How about your jack. It fits your Tahoe fine, but will it fit under your boat trailer? These and many other questions had better be answered before the above situation occurs. After making sure your jack and lug wrench are correct, let’s put two or three short pieces of two by fours in your tow vehicle. These can be used for blocking the tires or getting more height for your jack. There are many other uses you may find for them in different situations.

boat trailer tire blow out


Next how about a light: Flashlights are great; however they require a second person. I really like LED headlamps as these only require one person and are ALWAYS aimed where YOU want the light. I also like to put on a yellow fluorescent t-shirt over my jacket. Other people do not seem to take proper precaution when driving by a flat tire victim. And let’s not forget flares or reflector triangles.

OK, now for the non-emergency trailer requirements. Check your brake fluid at least twice a season. Some wheel bearings have grease zerks, if so, grease as needed. Some bearings are oil cooled; check the level in the sight glass occasionally. I here over and over again, but I only put 500 miles on my trailer a year, I’m sure it’s fine. WRONG. Sitting for long periods of time is hard on equipment. A tire can have lots of tread life left, but signs of sidewall cracking are present. Tire gauges are cheap. Keep one in your glove box, and please use it several times a season. Boat trailers are meant to be submersed in water, however remember, this is a harsh environment. Check your lights on a regular basis as this is very important safety wise. Also, please remember, it takes you longer to stop when towing a boat, even with the trailer brakes, so allow more room in front of you.

Pit Stop Check Routine


On long trips, I stop at every other rest stop and to stretch my legs, I walk around the rig and go thru a visual check. Heres my routine. With the lights on, I first look at the rear tire on my tow rig, then to the trailer hitch, cables and wiring look good? Winch strap tight? Cover looks good? Nothing flapping? Next tires, fine. Rear straps tight and in place? Good. Now the same on the other side Lights? Now up to the rear tire on the tow rig. Headlights? Good, Now finish with the driver’s side front tire on the tow vehicle and I’m ready to go another 100 miles or so with the peace of mind knowing I’ve done my part to ensure a safe and problem free trip.

Recommended Emergency Kit When Towing A Boat!

 Emergency Prevention Check List

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How to Install and do maintenance on a slalom ski course


Here are some tips and ways to install your own slalom ski course! Now you just have to find the flattest water in the state to install it. If you have any questions and/or need any extra equipment let us know! Good Luck!

Winter Slalom Skiing at Radar Lake


If you think your extreme and built for the north-west winter weather conditions, try skiing when there is ice on the water! Check out Anna from Kirkland, WA slalom ski at Radar Lake January 13th, 2012, while there is ice in the water!

Mark Lord from Seattle Water Sports help set this up, with his interest to help accomplish water ski enthusiasts goals! Come schedule lessons with Mark this season, and have him help you accomplish your goals on the water!

Reef 2013 calendar girls!

Check out Miss 2013 reef girls calendar video, for all of you that are staying home for the holidays in the North West!


Neymar wakeboard debuts with Pedro Caldas


Red Bull brings two of their athletes together to connect and show their strengths! Neymar one of the youngest, best, professional soccer players in the world, meets up with Pedro Caldas to wakeboard at Naga cable park! Pedro , age 12, is one of the most talented cable wake-boarders in the indistry, instructs Neymar during his first debut at Naga cable park! Check out how Neymar does on a different playing field!

How to prepare your boat for the winter :Street Wise Tech Talk

Department: service

Subject: Lingering, unasked winterization questions: “prepare your boat for the winter”

Street Wise Tech Talk: Here I am to try to clear up some misconceptions about winterizing your boat. I get the feeling that many boat owners view it as a “drain only” procedure. In actuality, a winterization consists of three very important parts. Only one of which is draining the water out. I have been told repeatedly, “I keep my boat in a heated garage, so it is fine.”

Don’t be this guy!

First off, is your garage actually heated, OR JUST ATTACHED? The fact that we replaced 5 to 8 cracked blocks every spring, leads me to believe that not all garages are heated equally.

Second, what if there is a power failure? Now let us talk about fuel. Ethanol in gasoline may help with pollution, but is not boat engine friendly when it comes to the fuel system. Remember, ethanol is Hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water. The seals and o-rings in the system are not immune to ethanol’s effects. The fuel in the tank and in the whole fuel system itself needs to be stabilized. Unless you live in San Diego, you probably only use your boat 4 months a year. The gas we buy today just does not have that long of a shelf life, where sophisticated fuel delivery systems are used.

The third item is fogging the engine. Your internal engine parts are not going to move for 8 months. Does this mean that you can just start it in the spring and drive away? NO! Fogging the engine lubricates all the internal parts so they can sit for 8 months, or longer. Fogging these new fuel injected systems is not a simple task. You have invested money, as well as a place to store your boat and license it, so why not protect your investment for the long run. Take it to a certified shop for the proper factory winter maintenance, Like Seattle Water Sports!

Tune in next month for the Street Wise Tech Talk subject of that hidden boating item, the Trailer